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What can Metro learn from other cities' transit systems? What have you observed or read about that you think Metro should implement? Photos and images would be welcome here as well.
T12 to T8 Upgrade - Save $$, Improve Aesthetics, Quiet Operation
Updated: Nov 13, 2012 John B35 In Progress
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T12 to T8 Upgrade - Save $$, Improve Aesthetics, Quiet Operation
T8 is the way to go!!

You know those long cylindrical light bulbs you see EVERYWHERE in the WMATA system?

Those are T12 lamps.

This is painful to our budget, our environment, and our eyes!

Assuming the service hours are equal for all 52 weeks per year, the lamps run at least 7020 hours annually (http://www.wmata.com/accessibility/metroaccess_service/customer_guide.cfm#hours).

WMATA pays $0.0768 per KWh (http://www.wmata.com/business/procurement_and_contracting/solicitations/uploads/Amendment%20A005%20RFP%20FQ10044-FRV.docx.pdf).

Many of the fixtures are of higher wattage, yet 74 is a good estimate (assuming 2 lamps per fixture and F34T12 lamps).

This means each fixture has an annual power cost of $39.90 per year (7020 hours x $0.0768 per KWh x 74 Watts x 0.001 Watts per KWh). That's per fixture WITHOUT maintenance cost!!

T8 lamps are more efficient, generate less heat (which reduces HVAC costs!), improve color rendering (your eyes are happier!), are quieter (no more electric humming!), have a longer lifespan (which reduces maintenance and landfill deposits!), and have reduced mercury (which reduces poison insurance costs and lowers burning of your local environment!).

Replacing the above assumed fixtures with 2 lamp F28T8 fixtures would result in wattage of 43 Watts per fixture, which would be an annual power cost of $23.18 per fixture (7020 x $0.0768 x 43 x 0.001).

That is an annual savings of $16.71 PER FIXTURE!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine how many of these are running every single day you ride the metro!!!!!!!

Add onto that enormous savings the amount of savings for HVAC, maintenance, and customer satisfaction.

Do it for the $$!! Do it for your eyes!! Do it for your ears!! Do it for your local light technician!! Do it for your mother earth!!

(I am in no way benefiting from promoting this simple solution; I used to work for a power company, where it was my job to help customers find ways to reduce power consumption!)

More Info:
One of many decent sources for further information: Greencompletely.com - Resource Conservation - Electricity - T12 to T8 Conversion

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